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A personal treasure of Gold Zodiac jewelry that presents the Sun, Moon, Planets and your Rising Sign as they appeared on the day and at the time you were born. A linear version of your Natal Chart celebrates the most important moment in your life.

Every STARDATE Pendant crafted in solid 18K Gold is deeply engraved with computer charted Astrology symbols for the Solar System as it appeared in the sky at the moment you were born. Your Cosmic Identity.

Every STARDATE Pendant Package includes the Pendant, nestled in a stylish 3 fold pouch, a Name personalized Read-out Sheet with the precise positions of the Sun, Moon, Planets and Rising Sign for your birthday, plus an Explanation Sheet, both on pseudo parchment paper.

The STARDATE Pendant is a bar of solid Gold jewelry that is destined to be cherished always. For the STARDATE Pendant charts your universe. It's like no other pendant you've ever owned. Here are the Sun, Moon, Planets and your Rising Sign as they appeared in the heavens on the day you were born. To do justice to this most important moment in your life, the STARDATE Pendant is resplendant in elegant solid 18K yellow Gold with handsome engravings. Each one is as individual as the person for whom it is created .

We sold our first STARDATE Pendant in 1978, and 32,000 since then. We've had only two identical pendant pkgs.; twins born moments apart at precisely the same location.

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18K - $ 395 (Yellow gold) Horoscope Included

Specify: Name, Birth Date, Time and Place.

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